A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it

Interim financial management

Why choose a financial interim

Interim financial management is quite distinct to consultancy. An interim financial manager will work directly within your business on a short term or part time basis providing flexible high performance resource solutions.

Interim financial managers are ideal to

  • ● Provide additional skills on a short or medium term basis
  • ● Help with an unforeseen crisis
  • ● Facilitate change and transition
  • ● Fill any gap due to illness or other reasons
  • ● Or be an experienced extra pair of hands, providing key support and a fresh  perspective


  • They should be seriously considered because:


  • ● Interims are in general over-qualified and hit the ground running
  • ● They will have seen similar situations and can bring that knowledge to identify and solve problems
  • ● They are not burdened by corporate structure
  • ● They can be in place very quickly, often within days
  • ● You pay an agreed daily rate for the number of days worked
  • ● There are no employment costs, rights or commitments


The next step

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