Action is the foundational key to all success

How we work

We know that this is your business, and you are driving it forward. Our services are there to help you realise the goals that you set yourself when you started your company and to recognise those that have changed on the way.

Whether it needs to revive and prosper or you want to be more or less involved in the business, we will help to align the business with your needs.

In order to provide the best results for our clients the following steps are taken:

We will meet you and any others significant to the running of your company, to perform an objective review of the business or the particular problem that needs addressing. This review will identify the essential issues that need to be resolved.

At this stage we can agree with you whether our help needs to be through business consulting, gauging what the business needs, or a more direct ‘hands on’ financial interim management route. We always work closely with our clients to ensure the best strategy for your business will be actioned.

Please see the interim financial management page, to view this in more detail

At this stage we will carry out a thorough assessment of areas of change that the business needs to address. These will be discussed in detail with yourselves so we can agree the potential options for the business and expected solutions.

When we have mutually agreed the approach, we will present an outline of how to manage the changes necessary in your business. It is usual at this stage in a consulting process to identify an in-house team that with our help can carry out the agreed plan.

With the agreed solution identified as the desired outcome we will work with your team to implement the required changes at every stage of the agreed process.