The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing a thing exactly right

What does it cost

We work very closely with all of our clients and operate a flexible fee structure, suited to the needs of your business and as such there are no fixed fee scales. As a rule our fees are linked to the time commitment of our directors and associates. All initial consultations are free.

Active Corporate Partners are committed to enhancing the value of our clients’ business; however, we recognise there are times when a balanced view has to be taken as to what a business can afford. In such circumstances we will consider appropriate success-related fees balanced by  a reduction  in ‘daily’, ’retainer’ or ‘upfront’ fees.

Alternatively, in the past we have varied our fees so that in some cases we have taken equity stakes to really align our interests with those of our clients. This creates a powerful relationship where the long term success of your business is a consistent goal.